Terror in Freeport Revised (PDF)


Terror in Freeport is 46 pages of rollicking adventure, set in Chris Pramas's dynamic fantasy city. It works either as a stand-alone adventure, or as a sequel to the best-selling Death in Freeport Revised. The d20 System once again provides the framework for a story of heroism and villainy. This time the PCs learn that not all cultists lurk beneath the streets, and not all serpent people are agents of evil.

Terror in Freeport was the second part of the epic Freeport Trilogy and the beginning of a product line that currently includes 9 titles. Terror in Freeport Revised makes this classic adventure available again in PDF format, with updated stats for the 3.5 rules. Also included are sample characters, handouts, and a fully revised version of the Cultist NPC class! Plunder and peril await in Freeport, the city of adventure. For characters level 2-5.

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