The Fifth Season RPG Quickstart (Free PDF)


Fifth Season Roleplaying in the Stillness

The Fifth Season RPG Quickstart (PDF)
Design Team: Steve Kenson and Hiromi Cota
Format: 45-page, full-color, bookmarked PDF

N.K. Jemisin’s multiple Hugo Award-winning Broken Earth trilogy comes to tabletop RPGs in The Fifth Season Roleplaying Game, and you can check it out in this free Quickstart! Enter the Stillness, a vast, furious land that is home to thousands of Comms, settlements large and small where people gather for safety in a dangerous and unpredictable world.  

The Fifth Season Quickstart has four parts that give you everything you need to try the game.

  • A condensed guide to the Adventure Game Engine or AGE system game rules that power the game. 
  • A brief overview of the world of Fifth Season and the comm of Nuveen.
  • An introductory adventure set in Nuveen called "Stress Fractures," wherein the characters help to solve several serious problems threatening their comm. 
  • A collection of printable handouts: six pre-generated characters for the players, referred to as player characters or PCs for short, and a two-sided quick reference sheet players can keep handy during play.

Try the Fifth Season RPG today!


N. K. Jemisin's award-winning Broken Earth Trilogy comes to tabletop. Crowdfunding by Backerkit campaign just launched!

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