The Psychic's Handbook (PDF)


The Psychic's Handbook
A 3rd Era sourcebook
by Steve Kenson
Format: 80-page PDF
Version 3.5 rules compatible.

Psychic powers may seem like magic, but there's no reason to treat them as such in your 3rd Era game. The Psychic's Handbook provides a completely independent system for adding psychic abilities to your campaign, abilities which are at once more subtle and wider-reaching than magic, powers with their own applications and limitations that separate them from the spells of clerics and wizards, and even the powers of psions. The core of the system is the psychic, a new class whose mental powers are based on skills and feats. The Psychic's Handbook, by award-winning game designer Steve Kenson, provides you with everything you need to integrate the class into your game, including prestige classes, new equipment, campaign advice, and conversion notes for Modern games. Discover the true powers of the mind.

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