Trades of The Expanse: Planetary Surveyor (PDF Book for The Expanse RPG)


PDF FormatTrades of The Expanse: Planetary Surveyor (PDF)
A Sourcebook for The Expanse RPG

Design & Writing: Keith Garrett
Development: Ian Lemke
Editing: Skylar Mannen
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Jack Hoyle
Format: 17-page, full-color, fully-bookmarked PDF-format eBook 

Trades of the Expanse is a PDF series that details the occupations and professions players can explore in The Expanse RPG. Each PDF includes info on creating characters who practice a specific trade, game systems for handling their jobs, new rules content such as specializations and equipment, and adventure hooks and ideas for the GM to craft tie-in stories.

Planetary surveyors are the trailblazers of the 24th Century—the first to explore new worlds, or even the first to set foot upon them. Where scouts do their work from a ship, planetary surveyors are often called to get up close and personal: land the ship, drive a four-wheeler or boat around to get the lay of the land, wrestle a six-eyed flying shark, then set up camp while the drones do a bit of terrain mapping. However, even though some surveyors have a reputation as rugged survival experts, make no mistake: they do their job with science!

Planetary Surveyor includes everything you need to embark on your career exploring interesting new planets.

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Tags: Adventure Game Engine (AGE), The Expanse


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