True20 Companion (PDF)

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True20 Companion (PDF)
Role creation and genre development rules for True20 games
By Erica Balsley, Dave Jarvis, Matthew Kaiser, Steve Kenson, and Sean Preston
Format: 128 page PDF distilled from source files
A 5.6 MB download

One System, Infinite Worlds

The True20 Adventure Roleplaying rulebook provides everything you need to explore worlds of adventure. Now the True20 Companion helps you create some of those worlds, with advice and expanded information on adapting the True20 game system to various genres from adventure fiction, from fantasy to science fiction and beyond. The Companion also offers ways of customizing heroic roles and even creating your own! It's a great resource for Narrators and players alike looking to strike out on their own, limited only by their imaginations. In this book you'll find:

  • Role Creation: Build your own heroic roles for True20, or just modify the roles of adept, expert, and warrior to suit the style of game you want to run. With the easy to use system you can create any heroic role you want, or even eliminate roles altogether, making each character's progression unique!
  • Genre Development: The True20 Companion also presents information on four popular genres of roleplaying: fantasy, science fiction, horror, and modern action, with guidelines, suggestions, and optional rules for using True20 Adventure Roleplaying to create heroes and tell stories in those genres.

The True20 Companion gives you the tools you need to make the True20 System your own and create the games you want to play.

True adventure, true excitement... True20!

Important Edition Notes: This content has now been added to True20 Adventure Roleplaying, Revised Edition. The new edition exchanges the settings from the original edition with the entire contents of the True20 Companion and includes all known errata fixes and some rules clarifications.

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