Ultimate Power (PDF)


Ultimate Power
A Mutants & Masterminds Sourcebook
Author: Steve Kenson
Cover Artist: Chris Stevens (Udon)
Format: 224 pages, full color PDF

In this handy PDF are over 150 superhuman powers: coupled with dozens of power feats and modifiers, available in 20 or more levels, you get virtually unlimited powers for your Mutants & Masterminds game!

Ultimate Power is the sourcebook for super-powers in the Mutants & Masterminds RPG: from Absorption to Weather Control, from Prehensile Hair to Matter-Eater, this one has it all. It covers basic power effects, giving you the building blocks to describe and understand how powers work. With extras and flaws to modify those effects, power feats and drawbacks to refine them, and power structures to put them together in dozens of different ways, you can create any power or effect that you want for your game.

Of course, you may not have to, since Ultimate Power also features dozens of fully-worked out powers, along with their power stunts, variants, and modifiers, all ready for you to use: just choose the powers you want and you're ready to go! With the information in this book, any power is within your grasp!

Ultimate Power refines and expands the powers from Mutants & Masterminds, taking basic effects and guidelines and turning them into a potent system of power-design, putting the tools in your hands. Whether it's earth-shaking cosmic power or the simplest effect, you can do it.

Awards and Nominations:

Nominated for an ENnie Award

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