Under a Black Flag: Tales of Freeport (PDF, EPUB)


ePub formatmobi formatUnder a Black Flag
Tales of Freeport
A short fiction anthology
12 stories set in the World of Freeport
By Andrew Penn Romine, Dylan Birtolo, Richard C. White, Anthony Pryor, Jenifer Purcell Rosenberg, Robert Emerson, Katriel Paige, Jei D. Marcade, Tiffany Trent, Heidi McDonald & Travis Jenkins
Format: PDF, ePub, .mobi (Kindle format) all included; 256 page download

Under a Black Flag features twelve rollicking tales of swashbuckling action centered around the City of Freeport, a fantasy pirate city unlike any other. The blood and salt of Freeport breed a special kind of hero: one usually kicked out of all but the crustiest taverns and immortalized in bawdy songs. Ancient cultists lurk beneath the streets, unknown horrors prowl the depths, but the real trouble is the ne'er-do-wells who call the city home.

About Nisaba Press

Nisaba Press draws the rich detail and excitement of collaborative storytelling from the world of roleplaying to create immersive fiction for all readers to enjoy.

We believe everyone should see themselves reflected in our stories. By actively seeking out and amplifying the voices of under-represented writers: women, people of color, and LGBT+, we strive to be inclusive of all readers.

While currently focused on exploring the richly detailed worlds created by Green Ronin Publishing, Nisaba Press’s vision extends to a future filled with speculative fiction set in all manner of places, times, and genres.


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