Villainous Archetypes 3 (PDF)


This Mutants & Masterminds supplement offers Gamemasters a total of ten new villainous archetypes to challenge heroes with. Each villainous archetype features suggestions for variations of the archetype as well as a trio of capers appropriate for the villain.

The included archetypes are:

  • Beast Lord: thinks humanity are the real animals
  • Disdainful Psionic: capable of some very dangerous thinking
  • Extraterrestrial Biker: alien dude with a bad 'tude
  • Manipulative Vamp: beauty really is only skin deep
  • Mindbender: taking you on a trip
  • Obsessed Genius: a different kind of mad scientist
  • Parasitic Demon: your misery is her pleasure
  • Power Leech: draining your powers and using them against you
  • Second-Rate Villain: powerful but completely out of his depth
  • Supreme Commander: military genius

Most of the villainous archetypes make use of the Attack/Defense trade-off rule to adjust their maximum attack, defense, damage, and Toughness save bonuses. Skills are listed with the number of ranks after the skill name and the total skill bonus listed in parenthesis. For example: Bluff 5 (+8) means the character has 5 ranks of Bluff and a total bonus of +8 when making Bluff checks.

All of the villainous archetypes are designed to present a certain level of challenge for a power level 10 game.If the game operates at a higher or lower power level the Gamemaster may wish to increase or decrease the villainous archetypes' power levels on a one-for-one basis.

Some of the villains make use of power modifiers found in Ultimate Power; these have been referenced and included in Appendix A for your convenience.

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