Villainous Lairs: Amusement Park (PDF)


Villainous Lairs: Amusement Park (PDF)
An adventure setting for Mutants & Masterminds
By Steve Kenson
Art by Jeff Carlisle
Cartography by Sean MacDonald
Format: 6-page full-color bookmarked PDF

While some super-criminals make do with a flophouse, cheap motel, or abandoned squat in the heart of the city, having a true lair is a sign you have truly arrived in the world of supervillainy. Master-criminals often have complexes to rival powerful nations, hidden away in mysterious and inaccessible parts of the world, or else hidden in plain sight, right under the heroes' noses, perhaps even out in the open, protected by diplomatic immunity or a facade of innocence.

The Villainous Lairs series for the Mutants & Masterminds superhero roleplaying game looks at different types of lairs used by the colorful and creative foes of the forces of good. Each release provides a complete criminal hideout, with game information, a map, and adventure ideas—everything you need for an exciting set piece in your own M&M game!

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