Warflower (Modern AGE Missions PDF)


Modern AGE Missions: Warflower (PDF)
An Adventure For the Modern AGE RPG
Design and Development: Malcolm Sheppard
Editing: Samantha Chapman
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Interior Art: Felipe Gaona, Davie Hueso, Mirco Paganessi, Maurice Risulmi, Andrey Vasilchenko
Format: 20-page, full-color PDF [4.5 MB download]

Swords, Drugs, or Alchemy? Unlock the Secrets of the Warflower

Murder at an auction. Medieval sword masters in the modern day. Drug dealing alchemists. The Warflower inspires them all. When this obscure book gets stolen, strange, violent factions battle over its destiny, influenced by hidden forces who want the book’s secrets for themselves. Your team must uncover the mystery—and your Game Master decides what that mystery is.

Warflower is an adventure for Modern AGE characters levels 1 to 4, with rules to play in any Mode and multiple options for its central mystery, so Game Masters can adapt it to supernatural, high-tech, or down to earth campaigns.

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Tags: Adventure, Adventure Game Engine (AGE), Adventures, AGE, AGE System, MAGE, Modern, Modern AGE Missions, PDF, PDFs


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