Envoys to the Mount Pre-Generated Characters (Free Blue Rose PDF)


PDF FormatWhile the character Hooks presented in Envoys to the Mount give you a solid launching-off point from which to create heroes uniquely suited to the campaign, perhaps you’d rather just dive right into playing. Or maybe your group is inexperienced with Blue Rose (or roleplaying games, in general) and could benefit from more guidance than is provided by just the Hooks. Whatever the case, presented here are eight pre-generated characters—one for each Hook—from which to choose, made at level 2, encompassing most of what’s needed to start play. Note that players will still need to fill in some details, however, in the form of Calling, Destiny, and Relationships, all of which can be found in Chapter 2 of the Blue Rose Core Rulebook. Further, players can work with the Narrator to determine any basic starting equipment that makes sense for their characters, beyond the weapons and armor listed.

Note: This free PDF is included with the downloads for the PDF version of Envoys to the Mount.

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