The Guide to Starhaven (PDF)


Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition RulesPDF FormatThe Guide to Starhaven (PDF)
A Mutants & Masterminds Sourcebook
By Crystal Frasier, Steve Kenson, and Alexander Thomas
Development: Crystal Frasier
Editing: Samantha Chapman, Carol Darnell
Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Graphic Design: Crystal Frasier

Cover Artists: Alberto Foche, Denis Medri, and Conceptopolis
Interior Artists: Tazio Bettin & Enrica Erin Angiolini, Storn Cook, Alberto Foche,
Sean Izaakse, Denis Medri. Domenico Nezitti, Ramon Perez
Cartography: John Wilson
Format: 76-page, full-color, PDF book with Hero Lab character files


A People Adrift...

A Lost City Untamed...

Starhaven needs You!

The Guide to Starhaven is a setting sourcebook and adventure dedicated to the lost city of Starhaven and the desperate effort to forge a new civilization from the war-torn remains of cosmic collapse, expanding the Cosmic Handbook for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero Roleplaying Game. This book takes your Mutants & Masterminds game to an alien crossroads rife with danger and intrigue!

The Guide to Starhaven includes:

  • A gazetteer, maps, and characters fleshing out the city of Starhaven, an ancient alien ruin on the icy moon of Europa.
  • Information on the city's alien inhabitants, including templates for alien cultures and
  • stat blocks for dangerous monsters.
  • Extensive information on the threats looming in Starhaven, from the preternatural Brine and the Children of Chrysalis cult, to the distant machinations of Star Khan.
  • Three new alien supervillains: the fanatical Pupil, the scheming Veil, and Mama Kaiger, the duplicating smuggler queen.
  • The Siege of Starhaven! A complete adventure ready for your Mutants & Masterminds heroes.

Take your Mutants & Masterminds heroes into the stars, to a city of alien dangers and ancient mysteries in The Guide to Starhaven!

Find a Haven in the Stars!

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